Al-Muraikhi Calls for Cooperation and Constructive Dialogue Based on Mutual Respect

Qatar’s Minister of State for Foreign Affairs HE Sultan bin Saad Al-Muraikhi has underlined that the political, economic, security and deteriorating conditions facing our Arab nation are of a size and quality that can only be overcome through joint political will and a creative vision to enable us to understand the essence of these challenges and problems and developments. HE the Minister called for cooperation and constructive dialogue based on mutual respect and not to prejudice the sovereignty of States to prove that we are able to take control of things that affect our reality and our destiny.

This came in a speech HE the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs delivered during the first closed working session of the Arab foreign ministers at their emergency meeting held this evening at the headquarters of the Arab League.

HE the Minister said : “Any escalation of the tense and dangerous situation in our Arab region, with all its international dimensions and regional overlaps, would lead to extremely dangerous risks and serious consequences for Arab national security, regional stability and the world, a matter which requires the need for calm and dialogue to end all disputes in the region among the Arab countries and or with Iran so that the region returns to its normal state of security and stability. “, HE the Minister added.

HE the Minister expressed his confidence that the ministers would reach decisions that would serve the interests of the peoples, away from the pressures and emotions. HE the Minister renewed Qatar’s strong condemnation of launching a ballistic missile strike on the city of Riyadh.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs