Colonel Mohammed Rashid al-Mazrouie, Director of the Airport Passports Department, has recently commented on the tourist visas the Department issues to 82 nationalities, in addition to the e-notification visas, and transit visas that helped increase the number of visitors to the country by 60%. He noted that between 150 and 160 thousand tourists visit Qatar monthly, and this is reflected on the economy, tourism, hotel sector and trade movement in the country.

Al-Mazrouie told Al Arab that the number of e-Gate users at Hamad International Airport starting 2017 and until the beginning of last December reached 2,247,000 travelers, which signifies a rise in the number of e-Gate users by nearly 100%.

He further clarified that 40 e-Gates are used at the economy class halls, in addition to the 20 other e-Gates distributed across the first and business class halls. Al-Mazrouie also unveiled a plan to increase the number of e-Gates to the double next year so that 20 gates are to be added to those arriving to Qatar and 20 more to those leaving, in order to decrease congestion.

Source: Government of Qatar