Al Khor Aviation Fly-In to be Launched Next Friday

The Preparations for the launch of Al Khor Aviation Fly-In 2019 in its 12th edition which is scheduled to take place on the 1st and 2ND of February, will be completed on Friday and Saturday under the patronage of Qatar Civil Aviation Authority. More than 40 light and medium aircraft from the local aviation clubs will participate in the event, in addition to a significant contribution from the State of Kuwait.

Mr. Khalid Al Khater, Chairman of the Al Khor Aviation Fly-In, said: “The current edition of the event is characterized by a range of qualitative features. It is complemented by excellent aerial reviews by a number of highly qualified and skilled pilots. He explained that these pavilions provide a qualitative definition of aviation science, as well as providing innovative fun and educational activities related to the aviation industry and its growing role in enriching the air transport sector.

He continued: “Al Khor Aviation has become the top of Qatar’s visitors’ agenda in this period and has become the most prominent on the calendar of entertainment events and tourism programs since it will feature formation flying, aerobatic shows, paramotor shows, gyrocopter and light aircraft show, R-C models and free flying along with other cultural and entertainment events. It has also become a meeting point of pilots who discuss the latest developments in the aviation industry, especially hang gliding, as well as exchanging ideas and experiences.

He added: “The most highlighted sponsors to this event are QCAA, Qatar Airways, Ooredoo, Qatar Air Club and the participation of QAC’s Students who contribute to informing visitors about the various fields of the college and encouraging young people to join these fields.

He concluded: “Al Khor Aviation is witnessing a remarkable development and notable progress every year in terms of the number of pilots involved, the number of sponsors and the number of visitors who enjoy the exciting shows, stressing that the current version will be the most exciting and the most thrilling due to the various amazing flight shows.

Source: Civil Aviation Authority