Al-Jubeir: Terrorism is a Nightmare for All Countries

Riyadh, Saudi Foreign Minister Adel bin Ahmad Al-Jubeir said that terrorism is a nightmare for all countries as he cited reports that terrorist formations are being created on the Iraqi border poising direct threat to both countries, according to Saudi Press Agency (SPA).

Speaking during a press conference with Jordanian Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants Nasser Judeh, Al-Jubeir said that the danger of terrorism is a nightmare shared by both Saudi Arabia and Jordan, citing the recent Al-Kark terror incidents as well as the years-long cooperation between the two countries in this field aiming to root-out its finance, and confront its deviated thought leading to extremism and terrorism.

“There is a coordination council taking care of the two countries’ great joint interests, including the security field through combating terrorism or smuggling as well as a political coordination regarding the peace process in Syria, Iraq and Yemen,” Al-Jubeir was quoted by SPA as saying.

On the Popular Mobilization militia in Iraq, he said that it was a mere sect. “We support our brothers in Iraq against terrorism in general and against Daesh in particular. And we support the unity, sovereignty and integrity of the territories of Iraq as well,” he was quoted by SPA as saying, adding that, “had Iraq is to remain a united country, there should be no room for a single armed sectarian organization on its territory.” For his part, Nasser Judeh, whose country will host the Arab Summit next March, said this is the fourth time Jordan is playing host to the Arab summit, a framework seen by Jordan as important to keep the Arab leaders close to each other to consult on how to confront challenges, hoping that Arab summit meetings would become effective with real outcomes.

Source: Qatar News Agency