Al-Fakhoora partners SPARK in providing education for 800 refugee students

DOHA, March 14 (KUNA) — Al Fakhoora Dynamic Futures Program, of the Qatari “Education above All” foundation, and the Amsterdam-based SPARK agency signed a partnership agreement for delivering higher education to Syrian and Palestinian refugees.
Under the document the partnership, costing USD 28 million, aims to provide four-year scholarships for 800 Syrian and Palestinian refugee students in Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and the occupied West Bank.
The document, signed in London, will contribute to the rehabilitation of the conflict-torn communities, Director of Al Fakhoora Farooq Burney said in a statement by the Education above All.
Burney welcomed the partnership with SPARK as a suitable investment in the educational sector which plays a key role in the post-conflict rehabilitation processes in Syria and the occupied Palestinian territories.
“Since its inception in 2009, Al-Fakhoora has been able to secure seats for 600 students in universities in Gaza Strip and grant international scholarships for 30 students in various specializations,” he noted.
“We work with local and and international partners, including the UN Development Program (UNDP), to bring new hope and opportunities through scholarships and training, improved healthcare and the reconstruction of infrastructure,” Burney added.
On his part, SPARK Director Yannick du Pont said the aim of the Dutch non-government organization is to ignite the ambitions of young people in conflict-hit communities to lead the march towards prosperity.
Through international cooperation SPARK works to ensure access to higher education for migrant students, particularly the Syrian and Palestinian refugees, he said.
“This year SPARK, with support from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs granted scholarships to 1,500 Syrian students. “It plans to grant a total of 3,500 scholarships in 2016 and, eventually, ten thousand scholarships with its current funding. We are reaching the next stage where a lot of programs are scaling up,” Yannick Du Pont added.
Al-Fakhoora program was named after the United Nations school in Jabaliya refugee camp that was hit by Israeli tank shells in the 2009 aggression on Gaza Strip. (end)