The Sudanese President called for lifting US sanctions on Sudan, noting that it had a limited political impact. He stressed that there was still ongoing negotiations on peace, but maintained that the progress made in that regard through the Abuja and the Doha agreements should be enough to lift the sanctions. Al Bashir added that Arab countries can end conflicts if they cooperate together.

He noted that Sudan was targeted like no other country in the region, but the governments ties with the masses was enough to save the country despite all the military, diplomatic, and economic pressures. He gave an example with the incident involving the International Criminal Court, which he said was meant to turn the masses against the masses but it instead turned them against the ICC.

On the partnership with the GCC, he said that it will encourage investment in Sudan and noted that there will be great investment opportunities in Sudan for GCC capital as all the investment barriers are currently being lifted.

He said that political stability in Sudan will be achieved with economic stability and with security. He highlighted that the national dialogue which took place in Sudan ahead of forming the government was unprecedented. He added that the progress made in ties with Western countries will also have a positive impact on economic stability.

The Sudanese president then discussed Al Hazm Storm operation and said that the role of Sudan was merely its duty towards an Arab country. (QNA)

Source: Qatar News Agency