Al-Ahsa terrorist bombing denounced by Kingdom's General Mufti

RIYADH, Jan 30 (KUNA) — The Kingdom’s General Mufti Sheikh Abdulaziz bin Abdullah Al Al-Sheikh condemned on Saturday the terrorist bombings that targeted worshippers while performing Friday prayer at a mosque in Al-Ahsa governorate which resulted in the killing and wounding of many innocents as part of corruption on earth.
In a statement to SPA, he said what happened in the mosque is part of a criminal plot targeting sedition of the nation, spread of corruption on earth and terror in the hearts of Muslims, an act, he said, done only by deviating and unfaithful group.
Since the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was based on the principles of the holy book of Quran and the prophet’s deeds and sayings, it would never be harmed through such actions, he said.
However, the Mufti warned the youths of the illusions caused by the thoughts and ideas of such deviating group.(end).