AKP Vice Chairman Hails Qatar’s Honorable Stance in Refusing Military Coup in Turkey

Doha, – Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) Vice Chairman Dr. Yasin Aktay, who is also the official spokesman for the party, has praised the State of Qatar’s stance in supporting the legitimacy and refusing the failed military coup attempt in Turkey, stressing that Turkish people will never forget this honorable position of Qatar’s Emir, government and people.

He said that HH the Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani was the first leader to call Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the first moments of the coup attempt.

In his interviews with a number of Qatari newspapers issued Wednesday, Dr. Yasin Aktay said that the failed coup attempt was targeting Turkey’s strong ties with Qatar and other countries in the region, describing the Qatari-Turkish relations as perfect and typical, and are extended and growing in all aspects.

He told (Arraya) daily that Qatar and Turkey were one hand against the failed military coup since the first moment, adding that Qatar’s support and solidarity came as expectations.

He also praised the Qatari media coverage of the coup attempt, saying that it revealed the ugly face of other media which welcomed the coup.

Regarding the visit of HE Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani to Ankara, Dr. Yasin Aktay said the visit renewed the solidarity message from HH the Emir to the Turkish President.

With regard to Turkish economy, he stressed that it was able to recover quickly, investments are ongoing and conditions returned to normal thanks to Turkish people adherence to their homeland and its future, adding that Turkey has become stronger than it was before the coup.

In his interview with (Al-Sharq) newspaper, he indicated that Turkey’s action against the putschists is a natural step undertaken by any state to face a real crime against its people, saying that the putschists wanted to kill the president-elect, bombed the parliament and the headquarters of the intelligence services and police and killed about 250 Turkish people in the streets.

He pointed out that some dictatorial regimes see in the Turkish President and what he had achieved a threat and an embarrassment to them, and that the EU countries are afraid of Islam and fear that Turkey is a model of a successful Islamic country, and thus they stand together to topple Turkey.

He noted to accusations that the coup attempt organised by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in order to get rid of his opponents, saying that he is surprised at these allegations which have no factual evidence, adding that everyone knows that some of military leaders involved in the coup attempt and the leader of the terrorist organization Fethullah Gulen himself admitted that there was a coup attempt.

Dr. Yasin Aktay emphasized the involvement of the two officers who downed Russian aircraft in the coup attempt and said that this indicates that there is an external dimension to these terrorist groups, adding that that they want to strain relations between the two countries.

About the Army restructuring, he denied that there is a restructuring, and that there is only elements belonging to the secret terrorist organization which follow Fethullah Gulen, and they who organised the coup.

Speaking about the US role in the failed coup, he said that his country do not accuse the US of direct involvement in the coup, but it should hand Gulen over to Turkey, otherwise it is certainly involved in this attempt.

Source: Qatar News Agency