Airport adaptability is key in responding to the most unexpected scenario: COVID-19

Human Services

Maxim Romanenko, Director of Ground Handling at Pulkovo Airport, writes of the lessons learned from adapting and thinking swiftly in response to the unprecedented environment caused by COVID-19 and how these successes can be taken forward in the sector as the virus loosens its hold. The coronavirus pandemic has provided everyone in airport operations with an excellent opportunity to practice their crisis management skills in full. COVID-19 grounded aviation for some period of time, in a way dissimilar to anything ever seen before. Rapid closure of international boarders, the cease of both international and domestic flights, staff sickness waves – all of the above produced different operational scenarios, from highly tense operations to airport night closures and back to tense summer operations in the domestic sector. Our management team at Pulkovo Airport (LED) had to make quick decisions and adapt planning processes under the particularities of the COVID-19 environment.

Source: Civil Aviation Authority – Qatar