Air Canada plane avoids disaster in San Francisco


An Air Canada plane narrowly averted disaster after it almost landed on a taxiway with four other planes on it in San Francisco Friday night.Air Canada flight AC759 from Toronto was cleared to land on runway 28R just before midnight, a statement from the Federal Aviation Administration said.”However, the pilot inadvertently lined up for Taxiway C, which runs parallel to the runway,” the statement said. “An air traffic controller sent the Air Canada jet around.”In an audio recording of the conversations between air traffic control and the Air Canada pilot tells air traffic control he sees other lights on the runway before being told there are no other planes on 28R.”You can begin to see there is uncertainty in the Air Canada crew’s mind about what’s going on,” said former commercial pilot and aviation investigator John Cox, referencing the recording of communications. Cox added that proven technologies have long been in place to prevent runway collisions.”There are electronic devices that send radio signals up to the airplane for vertical and lateral alignment. And why those were not being followed is going to be a central question the investigators will look at,” he said. In the recording, a United Airlines pilot is heard saying “United One, Air Canada just flew directly over us.” Another voice is heard saying, “Where’s this guy going? He’s on the taxiway.”When air traffic control realizes the plane is headed for the taxiway, it is directed to go around and approach again. It landed without incident on the second attempt

Source: Civil Aviation Authority, Qatar