Air Canada flight diverts to Toronto after electrical issue on board

Peel police say no one was injured on board a Vancouver-bound Air Canada flight after an electrical issue in the cockpit caused the plane to divert Tuesday evening.Flight AC185 departed from Toronto Pearson International Airport at around 6:30 p.m., but 30 minutes later it returned after crew on board reported electrical odour in the air, said Angela Mah, a spokesperson for the airport.The A320 aircraft with 117 passengers landed normally and taxied to the gate under it’s own power, said Mah. We can confirm there was an electrical odour and our maintenance team has since confirmed there was no fire.Initial reports indicated a possible fire started on board the flight but one was not found.Fire Services remained on standby as the plane landed. There were no injuries reported.The aircraft is currently out of service for a full inspection, said Mah. We’re currently providing customers with meals and the flight will continue with a new aircraft shortly

Source: Civil Aviation Authority, Qatar