Agreement concluded between Mashasha and Quntrar, Ghiryan, 12.

Agreement concluded between Mashasha and Quntrar, Ghiryan, 12.Wednsday , 12-10-2016 – 14:44:00

10.2016(Lana) Notables and sheikhs of several western municipalities have succeeded in easing tension between Mashasha and Quntrat after the developments in the area in which four people from Mishasha were killed and one from Quntrar. Director of branches and municipalities in Ghiryan, Basheer Al Aqrban told Lana that an agreement was concluded on cease fire and diffusing tension between the two tribes after good offices of sheikhs from Ghriyan, Asaba, Warrfela, Qala. Yefern, Ryayna, Maqarha. He said the agreement provided for handing over bodies of the victims by both sides to Ghiryan Central Hospital. Al Aqrban explained that a committee from sheikhs of the municipalities taking part in the reconciliation would follow up the truce agreement and deliver the culprits to neutral parties. Clashes flared up between the two tribes two days ago leaving several dead and injured from both sides. =Lana=