Agreement between QREC and Al Sulaiti Holding to maximise event turnout and diversify investments

Issa Al-Mohannadi: Transforming QREC into a tourist attraction to promote equestrian culture and serve the community

Ahmed Al-Sulaiti: Open project throughout the week and I look forward to success

In an effort to transform the Qatar Racing and Equestrian Club (QREC) into an attractive destination for visitors, the QREC management, led by His Excellency the QREC Chairman Issa bin Mohammed Al-Mohannadi has signed an agreement with Al Sulaiti Holding recently. The agreement is meant to promote horseracing, maximise racegoer turnout in race meetings throughout the season and serve the community and in particular the equestrian community. Under the agreement, Al Sulaiti Holding will use the shops existing at QREC to serve as an open market serving customers throughout the week and not only on race days. Such shops will offer a wide range of services, including products and entertainment for children and families.

The three-year renewable agreement was signed in presence of QREC CEO Nasser bin Sherida Al-Kaabi and Al Sulaiti Holding Chairman Dr. Ahmed Al Sulaiti.

Al-Mohannadi: Attraction for visitors

His Excellency the QREC Chairman Issa bin Mohammed Al-Mohannadi shed light on the agreement. The main purpose of the agreement is to transform QREC into an attraction for visitors to be added to the other attractive destinations in Qatar, he said, This will maximise racegoer turnout and promote the equestrian culture and horseracing in particular. It is not the first effort in this field as we have already made other efforts to this end by operating some shops at QREC. Such shops will attract many horse fans, not only on race days but also throughout the week as they will be interested in the services available at QREC as an organisation of a special nature. In addition, families and children will have the opportunity to enjoy the events and associated ambiance. It is a new demonstration that QREC’s services are not limited to a certain category, but are rather available to the community at large, which is another factor contributing to realising our objectives by having QREC accessible to all and attracting more visitors.

This new agreement will improve the experience of racegoers, which will in turn play a role in increasing the number people associated with horseracing, added Al-Mohannadi, The presence of children and their interest to attend the events will definitely foster their association with QREC. No doubt this agreement will be key in achieving equestrian sustainability at QREC through the diversification and enhancement of outcome in line with the QREC management’s objectives and aspirations. We have already moved in this direction for a long time now with a view to benefiting from and investing in the existing facilities at QREC.

Al-Sulaiti: Looking forward to success

Al Sulaiti Holding Chairman Dr. Ahmed Al Sulaiti said We have a certain area at QREC and it will be invested in shops after having obtained the approval of the competent authorities so that all licenses will be valid and in accordance with the regulations in effect. We are interested in attracting the public throughout the week by providing a wide range of services and the events of interest for both families and children. Accordingly, the scale of activities at QREC will be large, which will be in favour of good investment. There will be shops and cafes and, being at QREC, there will be special emphasis on horse equipment shops.

I am not new to the equestrian sport, added Al-Sulaiti, I used to be a jockey and ride at QREC race meetings. I have also been involved in the sports field in general as I was the General Secretary of the Al Arabi Club. I, therefore, look forward to success in this effort and to contributing to maximising racegoer and QREC visitor turnout, especially as the project will be open and operating throughout the week. It is also a good investment for QREC, so I wish it would be a successful step in realising the goals shared by me and QREC.

Source: Qatar Racing & Equestrian Club