Afghan Govt., Taliban Talks Revive Hope of Peace, Stability Among People

Kabul-The Afghan government is ready to negotiate with every group who drop weapons and conduct legal peaceful political activity to achieve its goals.

News were released by media recently that negotiations are going on between the Afghan government and armed Taliban in Qatar and the representative of the government and Taliban discussed a number of problems and challenges. Although the Afghan govt. authorities confirm these talks but refused to provide details. The Afghans have been fed up with wars, killing, migration and destruction and hope to taste the flavor of peace after a decades log devastating bloody conflicts. These conflicts have taken everything from our people and achieving a reliable everlasting peace is their only hope. The Afghans ask the NUG not to spare any efforts and steps to achieve peace, stability. Because they want their sons, daughters, brothers, fathers, mothers, friends, relatives no longer be victimized by imposed proxy war. Afghans once again call on Taliban to take step for restoration of peace and stability and salvation of this devastated homeland, drop their arms and work for above goal. Our people emphasize that Taliban would not be deceived again, the neighboring countries never want to make efforts for restoration of peace, security in Afghanistan. So the Taliban should leave aliens and work for peace.

At the same time, the Afghan emphasize that all those armed groups who want to be involved in peace process within the framework of inter Afghani talks, it welcomes them. The Afghan government is ready to make peace with every group whose hope is sincere peace. Media reports said that an Afghan government delegation has already arrived Qatar and talked on a series of issues with Taliban. The Afghan government has asked Taliban on ceasefire, dropping weapons and official beginning of peace talks and reciprocally the Taliban officials have also made certain demands from the Afghan government. The Taliban officials emphasize to be officially recognized as a political movement, their leaders’ name be removed from the UN black list and their prisoners be released.

These talks have made the people hopeful and they seem happy with the efforts of the Afghan government. The Afghan enlightened believe that the Afghan government has folded sleeve and would not let Afghanistan to be set ablaze in wars. For this purpose it asks the armed opposition to join the peace process and not to let youth, elders and children be killed.

War is not a solution. The only solution that can bring peace and stability to Afghanistan, is inter Afghan dialogue. Until the Afghans have not been united to each other, restoration of reliable peace, stability is impossible in Afghanistan.

A group of Mullah Rasool led Taliban has also expressed readiness to peace talks and said that if a deadline is setup on withdrawal of foreign troops, it is ready to drop arms, and join the peace process. Before that a peace agreement was signed with Hekmatyar led HIA as HIA militants have given up war and they would soon start legal political peaceful activities. The Afghan government is trying to make efforts for restoration of peace, stability to Afghanistan through regional agreement as the Afghan CE Dr. Abdullah has traveled to Saudi Arabia for this purpose and has requested the King of Saudi Arabia Salman Bin Abdul Aziz al-e-Saud to contribute for return of peace and stability to Afghanistan. The Saudi King has pledged the Afghan side to offer contribution on peace talks and has asked the Taliban, if they want peace and stability, they should first stop war to show their sincere intention. The King of Saudi Arabia has also said that Kabul-Islamabad relations should be improved aimed at peace. But CE Abdullah has said that Saudi leader should use his potential influence for restoration of peace and security and create regional consensus in war on terror. India has also recently asked the world countries to eliminate terrorism and prevent this nasty phenomenon. The terror supporter countries must know that they would lose their reputation and position at universal level.

Source: Bakhtar News Agency