Accelerating the Digital Transformation for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

Workshops and sessions within the framework of the digital transformation program for small and medium-sized enterprises during January will be launched today, and they will conclude at the end of January.

The workshops aim at encouraging the digital transformation for small and medium-sized enterprises in the State of Qatar, empowering enterprises to excel in using modern technology and enhancing the awareness about the benefits of using modern technology in the business sector. This will be in a manner that will make the maximum use of various technologies to save time, effort and costs, and increase productivity, profit and innovation.

The digital transformation program which is one of the initiatives taken by the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MOTC) focuses on three specific areas for small and medium-sized enterprises. These include cloud services, how to run businesses more efficiently with cloud computing solutions, and e-commerce, and how products or services are sold at any time, whether it is domestically or in various parts of the world. They also include available web or internet presence, and how to do marketing products and services in the local market via electronic media tools and social media websites.

Source: Government of Qatar