Abu Zaid: Aoun has drawn roadmap to develop ties with Gulf

MP Amal Abu Zaid from the Change and Reform bloc indicated, in a statement on Wednesday, that President Michel Aoun has drawn a new roadmap to develop Lebanon’s relations with the Arab states, and lift travel warnings to the country.

“President Aoun succeeded in reopening the doors between Lebanon and its Arab neighborhood,” he said.

Abu Zaid added that the keenness of Saudi King Salman Abdul Aziz on preserving “historic relations” with Lebanon showed that the Lebanese President had effectively dissipated ambiguities with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

“The purification of the Lebanese-Saudi ties shall have positive impact on Lebanon’s relations with the Gulf states that have always stood by Lebanon, including Qatar that is playing more than just one role in uncovering the fate and working on the liberation of the servicemen kidnapped [by Daesh],” he concluded.

Source: National News Agency