Abid Sharifov: ‘New proposals on houses with small areas at Sovetski block of Baku will be prepared ‘

Baku: Determined amounts of money have been transferred to the bank accounts of more than 1,600 property owners who agreed to sell their houses at Sovetski block of Baku under certain conditions. Inventory-related works at real estate facilities will be completed in one month or one month and half”, Deputy Prime Minister Abid Sharifov said in his statement to APA.

Mr Sharifov said the issue of houses with small areas at Sovetski block will also be reconsidered after the process of inventorying is completed: “We’re not dealing with houses with small areas. A new proposal on houses with small areas will be prepared following the completion of the process of inventorying. Furthermore, houses of those who refuse to move will not be disturbed regardless of the area of their houses. Whoever wishes may stay and live”.

Noting that the process of moving is done voluntarily by paying AZN 1,500 per square meter of area, Abid Sharifov stressed that the issue of price will be not reconsidered.