Abi Ramia before French parliamentary delegation in Jbeil: Relationship between Lebanon and France is historic and deeplyrooted, we seek to activate it

Member of the “Strong Lebanon” Parliamentary Bloc, MP Simon Abi Ramia, held a luncheon banquet on Saturday in honor of French Parliament “Center Bloc” Head, MP Jean-Christophe La Garde, who is currently visiting Lebanon at the head of a parliamentary delegation.

In his word before his French delegation guests, Abi Ramia said: “The relationship between Lebanon and France is historic and deeply-rooted,” declaring that he seeks to activate relations between the two countries in various economic, cultural and political fields.

Abi Ramia also said that he is seeking with his French counterpart “to create a special economic forum for Lebanon and France, and to activate the relationship between the Lebanese and French Parliament Councils.”

“Jbeil, as it is historically the crossroads of civilizations, is today the gateway of Lebanon to France and the West,” Abi Ramia concluded.

In turn, La Garde indicated that he “arrived in Lebanon with great concern, but I will leave soon with a less black image, after I felt the Lebanese are keen on overcoming the political difficulties in the country.”

“When they stand by and defend Lebanon, they defend the French Republic,” he said.

Source: National News Agency