Abdullah bin Zayed reviews Egypt situation with leaders and experts

WAM CAIRO 7th August, 2013 (WAM) — H.H. Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, UAE Foreign Minister, has met with Tahani al-Jabali, former head of the Supreme Constitutional Court, Mustafa Bakri, former member of Parliament, Major General Ahmed Rajai retired military leader of the Front, Dr. Gaza Heikal, A Professor at Cairo University, and writer and researcher, Dr. Abdul Rahim Ali.

The meeting, attended by Mohammed bin Nakheera Al Dhaheri, UAE Ambassador to Egypt, is one of a series of meeting by Sheikh Abdullah in Cairo with a number of party leaders and Egyptian political forces to review the current developments taking place in the country.

After the meeting, Bakri told the WAM reporter in Cairo that he wished to send his thnaks to Sheikh Abdullah for the UAE’s support of the Egyptian revolution and of the people of Egypt, as well as the country’s support for the Egyptian economy.

He said that during the talks Sheikh Abdullah had reviewed the UAE’s support for Egypt and had briefed them on the efforts made by the UAE in international and regional forums to support the Egyptian revolution. Sheikh Abdullah said that the UAE’s efforts will not stop and will continue to support Egypt and its people to achieve growth and stability, Bakri said..

He added that the Foreign Minister had also briefed them on the efforts made by the UAE with the Arab and international figures who are visiting Egypt to listen to the views of all political forces on the Egyptian scene.

Bakri said that the Foreign Minister had assured the delegation that UAE-Egyptian relations are rooted deep in history. The UAE has been in the same trench as Egypt throughout its history, and will continue to be, Bakri quoted Sheikh Abdullah as saying.


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