Abdullah bin Zayed, Kerry discuss situation in Egypt, Middle East Peace Process

2013-08-02 23:57:45

WAM LONDON, 2nd August, 2013 (WAM)–H. H. Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, UAE Foreign Minister, today met in London US Secretary of State John Kerry.

During the meeting, Sheikh Abdullah and Kerry discussed the cooperation ties between the UAE and the US. They also discussed the latest developments in the Middle East, especially and Egypt as well as Peace Process in the Middle East.

“I think it’s extremely important to see the US leadership helping to calm the situation in Egypt, but also your efforts in putting new life into the peace process. We saw the huge effort that the United States and yourself are making at the moment and you will find all the support from our end, and from the Arab side,” Sheikh Abdullah said after the meeting.

He added, “Egypt is an extremely important country, not just for the Arab countries but for the region as well, and here we think we have to look forward and have to make sure this interim government can be successful in leading Egypt to a better future and the UAE,”

Sheikh Abdullah said the United States and others, are doing their best to give this government the support it needs but also to encourage the previous government to reach a position where it can negotiate with the current government.

He noted, “We’d like to see the situation become normal in Egypt because normality is the only way for a successful Egypt. We don’t want to see anybody stopping Egypt the way it should go, but that’s only going to happen with all parties being in an inclusive dialogue and I think the UAE and the United States can help with this.”

For his part, US Secretary of State John Kerry said that all the parties involved have a responsibility to be inclusive to work towards a peaceful resolution, adding that “the last thing we want is more violence.”

He noted that “The interim government has a responsibility to respect the demonstrators, give them the space to be able to demonstrate peacefully, but at the same time the demonstrators have a responsibility not to stop everything proceeding in Egypt.”

Kerry underlined that Egypt needs to get back to normal. It needs to begin to restore stability, to be able to attract business from the good people of the world and that’s a high priority.

“We will work hard, together and with others in order to bring parties together to find a peaceful resolution that grows the democracy and respects the rights of everybody,” he said.


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