Abdullah bin Zayed heads UAE delegation to Arab Foreign Ministers meeting in Cairo

WAM CAIRO, 1st September, 2013 (WAM)–H. H. Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Foreign Minister, has headed the UAE delegation at the 140th session of the Arab League Ministerial Council chaired by Libya to discuss the Arab issues, notably, the Syrian crisis and Palestinian cause.

The UAE delegation included, Mohammed bin Nakhaira Al Dhahiri, UAE Ambassador to Egypt and Representative to the Arab League, Dr Tariq Al Haydan, Assistant Foreign Minister for Political Affairs, Dr Abdul Rahim Yusuf Al Awadhi, Assistant Foreign Minister for Legal Affairs, Dr Jassim Al Khaloufi, Director of the Department of Arab Affairs and Mahash Al Hamili, Director of the Department for Security Affairs and Ali Al Shamaili, Official in Charge of Arab League at the UAE Embassy in Cairo.

The Syrian standoff tops the agenda of the Arab League Ministerial Council meeting amid the US threats to launch the military strike on Syria. The agenda also includes increment of assistant secretaries of the Arab League.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces, Ahmed Al-Jarba, addressed the Council, but did not occupy the vacant Syrian seat.

The meeting will also tackle draft resolutions submitted by the permanent representatives regarding the Arab-Israeli conflict, development of the Arab League system, report on the activities of the secretariat general and procedures to implement the resolutions of the Council between the sessions 139 and 140, and the half year report of the League on following up the implementation of the resolutions and commitments regarding the implementation of the Doha Summit 2013 resolutions.

The agenda also includes the draft of statue of the Arab Human Rights Court and the request of the Kingdom of Bahrain to host the Court. The agenda will also tackle the political developments of the Palestinian issue and activation of peace initiative, follow up of Jerusalem issue, Jewish settlement, the wall, uprising, refugees, UNRWA, development, support of the Palestinian state budget, struggle of the Palestinian people and Israeli procedures on Jerusalem.

It will also discuss a report and recommendations of supervisors on the Palestinian refugees in the host Arab countries (session 90), and a report on activities of main and regional offices of boycott of Israel in the previous and current session, issues pertaining to the Arab Water Security, stealing of water by Israel from the occupied Arab territories and the Occupied Golan Heights, solidarity with Lebanon, as well as the discussion of the resolution issued by the Brasilian Senate to make 29th November every year as a day for friendship with Israel.

The Council will also examine the draft resolutions on the developments in Libya, Yemen unity, a draft resolution on the occupation of three UAE islands: Tunb Lesser, Tunb Greater and Abu Mousa by Iran, support of peace in Sudan and unfair siege imposed on Sudan by the US, especially in the issue of purchasing or chartering planes or spare parts, support of Somalia, Comoro Islands, and peaceful resolution of Djibouti- Eritrean conflict, spreading of Arabic language in Chad and risks of the Israeli armament on the Arab security and international peace.

The agenda also includes the issue risks posed by the international terrorism and ways to combat it, strengthening the Arab relations with the regional and international groupings, candidacy for United Nations posts and specialised agencies, as well as other international organisations.

It will discuss setting of a unified Arab strategy for the civilisation dialogue, report and recommendations of the permanent committee for legal affairs, report and recommendations of the permanent committee for administrative and financial affairs in 84th ordinary session.


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