ABDULHAMIT – The real main problem

The real main problemWe have left behind a historic election. I hope it leads to beneficial results for our nation.

The election was historic in that this was the first time the president was elected by popular vote.As previous presidential elections tended to produce crises, the method of resorting to a popular vote may be a solution.

But this method, too, is not free from the potential to trigger new crises. The conflicting interests between the president and the prime minister as well as the tendency to breach the current Constitution have already kindled debates.

It is an important election as it will shape the countryand#39s future. Recep Tayyip ErdoIan will leave his party, which he shaped with his charisma, and who will replace him is another problem The hurried decision of holding a party congress without solving the position of Abdullah Gul within the party is associated with this problem Moreover, a new prime minister and Cabinet will be determined.

The relationship between the president and the prime minister and the composition of the new Cabinet are important both for Turkey and the world.These are important problems, but they are not without solutions.

But there are some more serious problems waiting for us, similar to the economic crisis the Justice and Development Party (AKP) had to deal with when it came to power in 2002, the Iraq crisis, the Cyprus issue and the countryand#39s EU bid. The real danger is that neither the ruling party nor the opposition parties have any vision about these matters.

You may adore ErdoIan or hate him for his authoritarian tendencies, but the problem is so serious that it cannot be reduced to a person.Economy: Following the economic collapse that occurred 12 years ago, the government adopted certain policies strictly in conformity with the aice of the EU, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank, and these policies brought about progress, stability and discipline.

However, experts have been cautioning for some time that due to high levels of foreign borrowing, the high current account deficit and the change in global circumstances, Turkeyand#39s economic performance may deteriorate. Turkey needs to find $220 billion to pay its foreign debts this yearDemocracy and justice: The ruling AKPand#39s main promise was to put an end to corruption and administer justice.

The reforms implemented during the first two terms were quite successful: demilitarization, settling accounts with the deep state, judicial reforms, increased accountability with the new bill on the Court of Accounts, etc. The countryand#39s EU bid forced the government to implement reforms despite resistance from the status quo.

Today, the government is undoing its reforms and has forgotten completely about the EU bid. In the past, international publications would praise the governmentand#39s reforms, but they are now referring to Turkey as a country where the press is not free and rule of law is not respected.

The government has undermined the judicial system in an effort to evade allegations of corruption and it is now trying to prevent Court of Accounts reports from being discussed in Parliament. It refers to coup trials as conspiracies.

We were dreaming of becoming a democratic country guided by the rule of law, but today court decisions cannot be implemented.Foreign policy: Until three years ago, Turkey would be praised in the West and the East, but now its prestige is declining rapidly.

Its Syria policy went awry. We are being surrounded with small terrorist states.

Syria and Iraq are quickly becoming like Afghanistan while we are becoming like Pakistan. Turkish authorities used to say that a maximum of 100,000 Syrians would come to Turkey, but their number has already exceeded 1 million.

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and similar terrorist organizations are now dominating the region, killing Turkmens and Kurds, taking our consul and diplomats hostage and making our consulate building their headquarters. Turkey, which claims to be a global power, cannot do anything but sit and watch.

The future of chaos-ridden Iraq and Syria is enigmatic. The solution of the Kurdish issue requires a comprehensive approach.

We have no influence or ambassador in Egypt. Our prestige in the West is worse.

The problem is not about ErdoIan or Republican Peopleand#39s Party (CHP) leader Kemal KIlIdaroIlu. The ruling party and the opposition parties donand#39t know how these serious problems can be solved and with which vision.

If the ruling party returns to the spirit of 2010, and if the opposition focuses on self-recovery, this will be of benefit to the country. In the final analysis, those who come up with convincing visions about these matters will shape Turkeyand#39s future.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman