The Arabic for Non-Native Speakers Center is a specialized center within the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) at Qatar University. For international students, with different levels of Arabic skills, who apply to the university to study Arabic for a full year, the center provides certificates of proficiency. The center attracts more than 1000 applicants each year and accepts 50 to attend the six levels of the program. Most of these programs are offered in cooperation and in agreement with other universities or international bodies. In addition to students with scholarships, the center accepts annually a number of fee-paying students, which reached 40 students this year.

Since its inception, the center has been a key platform for achieving the goals of Qatar University in disseminating the Arabic language, bridging scientific and cultural communication among academic institutions and opening up prospects of cooperation with regional and international universities. The center has succeeded in achieving over 30 agreements with a number of prestigious universities, which offer the chance for student exchange, made possible by the center’s scholarship offerings. According to Times Higher Education standards, efforts such as these have played a major role in Qatar University topping world rankings.

The center is considered one of the tools the state uses to achieve the political approach commonly known as ‘soft power’ through its active role in supporting the relationship between the State of Qatar and the countries of the world. The center offers scholarship opportunities to nationals of other countries and through the past 10 years has accepted students from 50 different nationalities and graduated over 500 students, who can now be considered ambassadors to the university and the state. Many of them are now engaged in leadership roles in diplomatic, academic and media positions, and will hold with them forever the experience of studying in Qatar University and living in the hospitable Qatar.

Dr Abdullah Abdul Rahman Ahmed, Director of the Arabic for Non-Natives Center, considers the center as a space for dialogue among civilizations as well as a strong bridge for cultural communication and a key pillar for international cooperation, both at the university level and state level. A central clause within the university, when working with international universities, is to provide student exchange, where students from abroad come to the center to learn the Arabic language. The center has over 30 agreements across the world, with major universities such as: Sorbonne University in France, Georgetown University in the United States of America, The University of Sydney in Australia, The University of St Andrews in the United Kingdom, Moscow State University in Russia, New Bulgarian University in Bulgaria, Ibn Khaldoun University in Tunisia, Sakarya University in Turkey, Marmara University in Turkey and the Islamic University in India.

You can contact the Arabic for Non-Native Speakers Center via the Qatar University website and social media platforms.

Source: Qatar University