76th anniversary of founding of Libyan army.

76th anniversary of founding of Libyan army.Tuesday , 09-08-2016 – 21:17:00

Tripoli, 09.08.2016(Lana) The Libyan army commemorated Tuesday the 76th anniversary of its founding, on this day of 1940. The acting chief of general staff of the Libyan army, Brigadier Mohamed Al-Ajtal in a speech on this occasion army leadership which leads the battles of honour against daesh terrorist organization in Serte as well as their revolutionary commarades. he paid tribute to the martyrs wishing speedy recovery to the injured. Brig. Al-Ajtal said for the army duties and tasks related to the defense of the homeland, asserting that army in a civilian state should shun away from political polarization, he explained that the General Staff is trying to rebuild the army ion these bases and concepts. At the sideline of the festival, a photo gallery was organized to embody the history of the Libyan army ever since its inception in the 1940. =Lana=