60% of Americans Dislike and Distrust Candidates for President

Washington, – Sixty-percent of Americans dislike and distrust both candidates for president, a new poll has revealed.

Among registered voters, 59% of Americans have an unfavorable view of Democrat Hillary Clinton and 60% feel the same about Republican Donald Trump, the ABC News/ Washington Post poll said on Wednesday. The two candidates are the most unpopular in a presidential election for at least the last 30 years, the poll said.

Voters said that the continuing scandal surrounding her use of a private email server and questions about conflict of interests in raising money for the Clinton Foundation and providing favors for donors while she was secretary of state were the main reason for her rising unpopularity.

Clinton also lost points with women, liberals and Hispanics, her core constituency. Last month women favored Clinton by 54% to 43%, but in the latest poll that has flipped to 45% in favor and 52% against. Today only 41% of voters view Clinton favorably, down from 48% after the Democratic Party convention in July.

The historically low favorability ratings for both major candidates could affect turnout in the November 8 election, as many voters may be unmotivated to go to the polls. It could also bolster third party candidates to cut into both Trump and Clinton supporters.

The latest poll reflects opinions before the first of three debates between Clinton and Trump. The first is on September 25. Among the 60% who view Trump unfavorably are African Americans, who dislike him by 84%.

Source: Qatar News Agency