50 pct of Audit Bureau's observations on gov't institutions are settled — Al-Sarawi

State Audit Bureau's officials during the National Assembly session
State Audit Bureau’s officials during the National Assembly session

KUWAIT, June 22 (KUNA) — Acting President of the State Audit Bureau Adel Al-Sarawi said on Wednesday that government agencies have settled approximately 50 percent of the Audit Bureau’s observations in a sign of cooperation.
During a National Assembly session on the State Audit Bureau’s observation on the final statements of accounts, Al-Sarawi stressed that the preservation of public money is a shared responsibility.
Al-Sarawi added that many of the remarks and observations have been settled and there are many institutions have expressed eagerness to cooperate with the Audit Bureau’s observations, noting that the Bureau is able to bypass many of the notes that would activate its reports.
He described the review of the annual report of the Audit Bureau in the parliament last year as “historic,” noting that the discussion of the parliament of closing accounts with draft budgets was a great effort.
However, he expressed thanks and appreciation for the committee of budgets and final statements of accounts in the parliament especially that the discussion of these two issues had been previously delayed for several years.
He thanked the Committee on Protection of public funds for its positive role in the activation of a series of reports, pointing out that the Audit Bureau has provided the committee with a set of reports and data as the cooperation between the two sides “had tangible results.” (end) sss.zak.tg