397% Container Growth in Mwani Qatar

Mwani Qatar has acquired the largest share of international trade with Qatar to provide most of the materials, ores, and goods that meet the needs of all economic sectors in Qatar. It has received 2.321,250 TEUs, achieving a growth rate of 397% of containers; as in June 2017 of 24.014 TEUs and 119,261 TEUs in April.

Mwani Qatar has accomplished many achievements over the past two years. It has been responsible for securing the various needs of the local economy and has been able to provide alternatives after the closure of air and land ports with the State through the provision of multiple international shipping lines and the revitalization of the movement of imports of goods, basic needs and supplies. Mwani Qatar operates three sea ports, namely Ruwais Port in the north, Doha Port in the capital and Hamad Port in the south of the country under the management and supervision of the Ministry of Transport and Communications, which is working to develop the ports sector in the country with the aim of maintaining its infrastructure and expansion of the logistics sector and optimize the use of existing ports.

Source: Government of Qatar