30 Congress Members to Boycott Trump Inauguration

Washington, Thirty members of the U.S. Congress say they will not attend the inauguration of Donald Trump as US president in Friday in protest over his policies, business conflicts of interest and alleged links with Russia.
California Congressman Mark DeSaulnier said he wouldn’t attend Trump’s taking of the oath because he says Trump is violating the US Constitution with his worldwide business empire.
DeSaulnier said ideological differences were not the reasons for boycotting the ceremony, but that Trump would be breaking the law since he would not put his business in a blind trust.
Some of the boycotting members of Congress say they will instead take part in a protest Women’s March on Saturday, where hundreds of thousands of people are expected to march for racial equality and environmental protection.
Other protests are expected on Inauguration Day, as Washington police and national guard will be out in full force to keep order.

Source: Qatar News Agency