23rd fifth anniversary of Liberation.

23rd fifth anniversary of Liberation.Sunday , 23-10-2016 – 20:06:00

Tripoli, 23.10.2016(Lana) the 23 of October coincides the fifth anniversary of Liberation realized by Allah and will of the Libyan people. By sacrifices witnessed by all against Gadhafi’s battalions within the context of an all-out revolution to overthrew a tyrant regime stiffed freedom and control of the country’s resources and put an end to era of absolute power for over four decades during which the tyrant ruled with an iron fist, deprived their freedom and imposed backwardness, poverty and ignorance. Commemorating liberation day, is a great opportunity to restore the momentum full with the spirit of confidence and hope and national unity. We recall with pride those moments culminating the great sacrifices, the triumph of the revolution and dawn fall of decorator oak regime. =Lana=