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Huawei Launches Petal Search, Petal Maps, HUAWEI Docs and More

SHENZHEN, China, Oct. 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Huawei today announced new developments to Huawei Mobile Services ecosystem at the HUAWEI Mate 40 Series launch event, launching Petal Search, Petal Maps, and HUAWEI Docs, levelling up global Huawei users’ digital experience with other new updates.

Hardware and software integration enhances digital lifestyle experience

Huawei’s official search engine app, Petal Search now is available in over 170 countries and regions and supports over 50 languages, letting users conveniently and instantly find out the information and services they need.

Search with Petal Search

Petal Search offers search capabilities across more than 20 categories, including apps, news, videos, images, shopping, flights, and local business. It also develops and integrates various tools, such as weather, calculator, rate exchange and even paper query to help user easily obtain daily-used information. With the new update, the search experience is now visually richer. Search results are presented in information cards, as opposed to simple weblinks, to help users get this wealth of useful information instantly with just a few clicks.

Leveraging Huawei devices’ AI capabilities, Petal Search allows users to search by taking photos or images through its visual search function. It recognises a wide range of objects such as people, animals, and landmarks, and will introduce new capabilities such as plants identification. For instance, user can simply take a photo of a dish and Petal Search will provide the recipe. A voice search feature is also integrated in the app, supporting English, Spanish, French, Arabic and more. These features help Petal Search meet the needs of users accustomed to an efficient and mobile-centric lifestyle.

In addition, with the cooperation with global and local partners, Petal Search is vigorously developing local life search services, to provide users a rich location-based and scenario-based search experience. When user look up for local life content, Petal Search provides users with high-quality and most popular localized information, such as personalized recommendations or nearby foods, worth visiting local attractions, and shopping discounts.

Petal Maps, meanwhile, is Huawei’s quality and convenient mapping and navigational tool, offering positioning services, immersive map displays, place searches, driving navigation and favorite place lists  to users in over 140 countries and regions. Petal Maps supports map displays in multiple languages, with voice notifications in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Mandarin.

Explore with Petal Maps

Petal Maps is also equipped with cutting-edge functions to give a real-time publish transit updates in some major cities, helping commuters better plan their routes and take the worry off travelling. Utilizing pioneering technologies such as Super GNSS and image recognition algorithms, Petal Maps further heighten the accuracy and present users the most efficient and least congested routes.

Thanks to HUAWEI Mate 40 Series devices’ Gesture Control, drivers are able to switch between the navigation view and map overview by simply using “air press” towards the screen with their palms. These smart interactions significantly enhance the ease of travel, as well as facilitate a safe driving experience.


HUAWEI Docs, available in more than 100 countries and regions, supports document viewing and editing across over 50 formats including PDF, PPT, and DOC. With real-time syncing enabled by cloud capabilities, HUAWEI Docs lets users seamlessly work on the same document on different devices logged into the same HUAWEI ID, enhancing the smart office experience.

Full suite of Huawei Mobile Services apps to complement digital living

Upgrade on Find Device enables users to locate their Huawei devices such as smartphones, watches, earphones, and glasses. Users can either play a ringtone remotely to help locate the devices, or choose to lock and wipe devices information, protecting user privacy.

HUAWEI Themes introduced exclusive theme packs to enable deeper device personalisation. The first batch of packs includes themes of famous artists, classic literature, and the Ingenuity series Huawei selected.

Supported by 2 million global developers, Huawei Mobile Services ecosystem maintains rapid growth. As one of the top 3 app marketplace globally, AppGallery continues to bring together popular global and local apps to over 500 million monthly active users. HUAWEI Quick App also reach a 260% year-on-year increase of monthly active users for its tap-to-use and installation-free experience.

For more information of Petal Search, please visit: https://consumer.huawei.com/en/mobileservices/search/

For more information of Petal Maps, please visit: https://consumer.huawei.com/en/mobileservices/petalmaps/

Find Device currently supports following wearables: HUAWEI Freebuds Pro, Freebuds Studio, Watch GT2 Pro and Gentle Monster Eyewear II.

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Airstrike Kills 12 Children in Northeastern Afghanistan

ISLAMABAD – The United Nations says it is investigating allegations that an army airstrike in northeastern Afghanistan killed 12 children and injured 18 others in a religious school.

The deadly raid Wednesday in Takhar province came a day after the Taliban ambushed and killed nearly 40 Afghan security forces there.

The U.N. office in Kabul promised in a tweet Thursday that it would issue the findings of its probe into the strike “when complete.”

The Afghan Ministry of Defense said in a statement that all the attack victims were Taliban insurgents. However, it noted, a Defense Ministry team has been tasked to “assess allegations” of civilian casualties resulting from the action.

Azam Afzali, a member of the Takhar provincial council, told VOA the Afghan air force had mistaken the mosque-cum-religious school for a Taliban hideout. He said those killed and wounded were children receiving Islamic education at the facility.

Separately, NATO’s Resolute Support mission in Afghanistan confirmed Thursday that a roadside bomb blast in southern Kandahar province had injured two Romanian soldiers. The military personnel were on patrol Wednesday when an improvised explosive device struck their convoy.

Taliban offensives

The Taliban have staged major offensives in Afghanistan in recent weeks despite launching their first-ever direct peace talks with representatives of the Kabul government in Qatar’s capital, Doha, a month ago.

The United States has brokered the historic intra-Afghan dialogue to help find a negotiated settlement to the conflict and end Washington’s 19-year military involvement in Afghanistan, America’s longest.

The Kabul-Taliban negotiations stemmed from a historic deal the Trump administration struck with the insurgents in February. The pact called for a phased withdrawal of U.S. troops within 14 months in return for assurances from the Taliban that they would prevent al-Qaida and other transnational terrorists from operating in insurgent-controlled Afghan territory.

The deal also bound the Taliban to engage in peace talks with rival Afghan groups to discuss a permanent cease-fire and power-sharing arrangement to govern postwar Afghanistan.

The U.S.-Taliban accord also required the insurgents to halt attacks on American and allied troops, while the U.S. military committed to scale back airstrikes against the Taliban.

But both Taliban and U.S. officials have in recent days accused each other of violating terms of their agreement, which has threatened to derail the peace process.


Source: Voice of America

iGA participates in World Data Forum 2020 session

Manama, Bahrain’s pioneering experience in conducting censuses from administrative records rather than traditional field visits was highlighted at a United Nations (UN) panel attended by regional and international decision-makers and senior statistics and data industry experts.


iGA participated in the World Data Forum 2020 session,titled ‘The Challenges of Using Administrative Records and Data Integration in Population and Housing Censuses’, Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA) Acting Director of Population and Demographics Statistics, Maha Abdulla Sabt provided a brief history of the Kingdom’s experience as the first GCC country to make this transition, including the milestone projects and organizations created to enhance its performance.


“Bahrain is a pioneer in the census field, with its earliest census conducted in 1941, a first among GCC countries,” explained Sabt.


“In 2010, we also became the first country in the region to replace the traditional method of conducting censuses to using Bahrain’s administrative records from different ministries and government bodies. This saved both time and funds while continuing to produce accurate results,” she added.


“This method is also being used to compile the 2020 General Census of Population, Housing, Buildings, and Establishments, which is expected to be released in December this year. Among its objectives is to determine the major demographic and socio-economic characteristics of the population, provide necessary data for assessing changes, and furnishing data on labor force and other structures. This information will better inform decision-making in the Kingdom and support its development process.”


Maha Sabt elaborated on some of the challenges associated with administrative-based censuses, such as the considerable time and effort needed in preparing data as per UN definitions and guidelines, classifications, incomplete registers or coverage in certain areas, the use of different scopes for each database, and the degree to which administrative-based censuses can meet the demand of current and future requirements.


Organized by the United Nations (UN), the pre-recorded session was part of the lead up to World Data Forum 2020, which was held virtually on October 19-21 in parallel to World Statistics Day, which is celebrated by the United Nations annually on October 20 of each year.


The forum brings together data and statistical experts and users from governments, civil society, the private sector, donor and philanthropic bodies, international and regional agencies, the geospatial community, the media, academia, and professional bodies.


It also highlighted ways to spur data innovation, mobilize high-level political and financial support, and support sustainable development through the provision of high-quality data.


Senior panelists speaking alongside Sabt included Executive Director of Data and Statistics Sector at UAE Federal Competitiveness and Statistic Authority, Mohammad Hassan; Senior Researcher and Project Leader at Statistics Netherlands, Eric Schulte Nordholt; Demographer and retired researcher from Statistics Norway, Helge Brunborg; and Former Director of Big Data and Statistics Division at Statistics Korea (KOSTAT), Hae Ryun Kim.


Source: Bahrain News Agency

HH the Amir Visits the Exhibition “Suhail 2020”

HH the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, the Emir of the country, visited yesterday evening the Katara International Hunting and Falconry Exhibition “Suhail 2020”, which is being held at Al-Hikma Square in the Cultural Village Foundation “Katara”.

HH the Amir viewed the various exhibits of falcons, hunting and hunting supplies, types of weapons, equipment and products related to the sport of hunting, in addition to the artboards of sniping trips.

HH the Amir also heard from those in charge of the exhibition, which is organized with the participation of specialized local and international companies, a summary of the exhibits, cultural programs and accompanying heritage events that meet the needs and requirements of falconers, amateurs and those interested in this sport in Qatar and abroad.


Source: Government of Qatar

MOEHE Approves New System for Student Attendance in Public and Private Schools

Based on the public health indicators and indicators related to Coronavirus (COVID-19), the ongoing follow-up and evaluation of the educational process in the light of the pandemic and within the framework of the general situation data, the Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MOEHE) has decided to approve the student attendance system in public and private schools and kindergartens. This is in accordance with the actual rotational attendance in school building. MOEHE also decided to cancel the decision of giving option between the actual attendance or distance learning, starting from after the end of mid-term examinations of first semester, since the new system will be implemented on 1 November 2020.

It has been decided to increase the attendance rate in all public schools, and private schools and private kindergartens to up to 42% percent of the school capacity, in line with weekly rotational attendance schedule. This also includes compulsory attendance starting from 1 November 2020 in public schools and private schools in accordance with their academic calendar after the end of mid-term examinations of first semester, which will begin from 25 October 2020 and end at maximum on 1 November 2020. This is provided that the blended education system should be applied in line with the weekly rotational attendance schedules.

MOEHE also emphasizes the need for all administrators and teachers to be committed to implementing the preventive measures and fully cooperate with the relevant authorities in case of detecting or suspecting Coronavirus (COVID-19) infections. This also includes the need to deal firmly with in case of detecting any violations in implementing the preventive measures in the schools and violating these obligations will result in taking legal action.


Source: Government of Qatar