2018 a year of achievements in the CAA

The Civil Aviation Authority has progress many achievements in the fields of its various specialties. The most prominent of these achievements is the operational plan aimed at creating flexibility in the use of the Qatari airspace and the opening of new air traffic corridors that accommodate the current and projected future increase of air traffic to meet the steady growth in the country. And to create a safe and effective state of air traffic in the country and to avoid any risks that may result from the increase in air traffic in the country.

The Authority has continued to implement its strategy of expanding the air cargo rights of the national carrier Qatar Airways and has developed a plan to expand the policy of signing open skies agreements and make every effort to secure the right to share the code with a third party. As much as possible of bilateral agreements. In this regard, it has succeeded in concluding and amending certain air transport agreements on the basis of freeing the atmosphere between the Qatari and other countries. This has resulted in the signing of 165 agreements so far.

With regard to the travel and shipping offices, the Authority has updated the internal instructions to facilitate licensing and re-licensing operations. The State’s direction is being implemented by activating and stimulating the economic sectors. The number of offices licensed by the Authority has so far reached (211) travel offices and (71) air freight offices. Amendments to the law of air travel and cargo offices are being considered in line with the development of these areas, reflecting the State’s authority to tighten control over travel and air cargo activities and to monitor the activities of the companies and offices engaged in such activities.

The number of airlines operating in Doha until the end of October reached about 26 airlines. – Establishment of a meteorological information bank It includes all available publications related to meteorology and climate and periodic publications on these matters, such as publications, data or information about the State of Qatar and its surrounding countries.

The CAA have updated the meteorological applications for smartphones, developed an automated answering system to provide the weather bulletin (in multiple languages), as well as the voice messaging system.

It has also completed advanced stages in updating the national seismic information network, where seismic monitoring stations have been developed and linked with other global systems to benefit and share seismic monitoring information.

Memoranda of understanding and agreements have been signed in the field of meteorology with Pakistan, Suhail Sat and the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research.

In addition, all electronic systems have been updated. The second phase of the Early Warning Project, which is a national project aimed at protecting individuals and property in Qatar, has recently been completed. During this phase, the meteorological stations will be installed in some highways and more prone to sudden natural phenomena such as Wind, dust and thunderstorms, as information coming from these stations helps alert all users of these methods to take care and caution during these natural phenomena.

Source: Civil Aviation Authority