20,000 Iraqi security forces trained toward liberation of Mosul from IS – US

WASHINGTON, Jan 29 (KUNA) — The Combined Joint Task Force has trained about 20,000 Iraqi security forces, including police and Sunni tribal fighters, US Army Colonel Steven Warren said on Friday during a Pentagon briefing held via video-conference from Baghdad.
“What we are doing now is in the process of building the force that will go to Mosul eventually,” Warren, coalition spokesman, said, referring to plans to retake the northern Iraqi city that was captured by the so-called Islamic State in June 2014.
“We think it will be roughly 10 brigades with anywhere from about 2,000, sometimes 3,000 (soldiers per brigade),” he said. “It depends on how many people are in the brigade. So we think roughly … 10 brigades that need to be built, and these all have to be trained.” Some of the brigades that will go to Mosul have already been trained, he said, but “we want to … give them some additional training that they can use to build on what they learned first through our training, and second, through their experiences in Ramadi,” he said, referring to the recapture of that Iraqi city from IS forces last month. (end) rm.bs