18 ISIS Militants Killed in Northern Syria

Ankara, – A total of 18 ISIS militants were killed in northern Syria over the last 24 hours as part of the ongoing Operation Euphrates Shield, the Turkish military said Monday.
The Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) said a total of 180 ISIS targets including shelters, defense positions, command control centers, weapons and vehicles were hit with tanks and multiple-launch rocket launchers.
Separately, Turkish jets destroyed 8 other ISIS targets including headquarters and vehicles used by the group in air raids on al-Bab region, the statement added.
The operation is part of the Turkish-led Operation Euphrates Shield, which began in late August to improve security, support coalition forces, and eliminate the terror threat along Turkey’s border.
In total, 43 landmines and 2,933 improvised explosive devices have been defused since the start of the operation on August 24.

Source: Qatar News Agency