15,000 More Birds to Be Culled as Flu Spreads at German Turkey Farm

Berlin, 15,300 turkeys in the northern German state of Schleswig-Holstein are to be culled after an outbreak of bird flu spread throughout the region’s biggest turkey farm, state authorities confirmed on Thursday.

A disaster alert was issued after it was found that all four areas of the farm have now been affected by an aggressive new strain of the virus called H5N5, German Press Agency dpa quoted State Agriculture Minister Robert Habeck as saying .

Originally only part of the farm had been affected.

Habeck added that he was concerned “that we are at the beginning of a new wave” of the virus. Previously, Germany had been affected mainly by the similar H5N8 strain.

Officials said 18,400 turkeys at the farm had already died or been culled as a result of the disease. The spread of the outbreak means that the remaining birds – some 15,300 – will be culled to prevent the virus from spreading further, Habeck confirmed.

Source: Qatar News Agency