Qatar University’s– Young Scientists Center (QU-YSC) has concluded the summer program for primary and preparatory students that was conducted through online platforms for distance learning.
This course is an initiative taken to fulfill the directives of His Highness Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani’s in his speech, which says, “Investing in quality education is one of the most important elements for the advancement of societies.” Therefore, the center believes in the importance of investing in the minds of the youth, in the interest of the State of Qatar.
Especially during this time where world is going through drastic changes in education because of the Covid 19 pandemic. QU-YSC has planned and prepared an online scientific summer program, to give the students an opportunity to well invest their vacation during the quarantine. The main objective of the course is to develop their skills, talents and abilities that will prepare them in the future for effective roles in the society. This objective come in alignment with Qatar Vision 2030, which aims to achieve progress, growth and prosperity in various fields of education, science and innovation.
During the three weeks of the summer program, the given workshops were designed to stimulate students’ curiosity and bring out innovation with the students, which was matched by great achievements and novel project ideas. The participants practiced and grasped essential many skills such as logical thinking to come up with innovative solutions to problems, critical thinking, research and simple data analysis, effective oral communication skills, and the ability to adapt and prosper in to various conditions laid out by the pandemic.
The workshops included many interactive activities and engaging scientific experiments, despite the difficulties and challenges encountered due to social distancing. Students transformed knowledge gained and ideas into innovative projects using the simple materials and tools available at home. Fifteen distinct students made projects reflected the skills that acquired from the summer program. In addition to, delivering presentation in which students explained their project ideas along with scientific posters and films documenting their journey during the workshop.
The final event of the summer program was conducted in two days, one for boys and another for girls. Participating groups competed in different competitions which are “best product”, “best presentation”, and “best poster” competition. Three groups were nominated for each competition from the seven participating schools. Both “Science Magic” group from the Al-Kaaban primary preparatory school for boys and the “Power Team” group from Al-Daayen primary preparatory school for girls won the first place in the best product competition. “Engineers” group “From Al-Daayen primary preparatory school for girls and “Almutamayizun” group from Al-Kaaban primary preparatory school for boys won the first place in the best presentation competition. For the best poster competition “Almutafayilun “group from Al-Shahaniya preparatory secondary school for Boys and Al-Kaaban primary and preparatory school for boys, and ” Future stars” group from Al-Daayen Primary preparatory school for girls won the first place in the poster competition.
Sheikha Dana Al-Thani, Lead of RLC Community Outreach Program attended both final events, and she expressed her great admiration for the summer program and students innovations. She said, “I am proud of the students’ achievements shown in what they have presented especially the current circumstances. We are hopeful that these elite young scientists will lead the future of Qatar.” She also recognized Qatar University – Young Scientists Center efforts put in the construction and facilitation and the success of the summer program. Sheikha Dana Al Thani, also stated their desire as sponsors of the program to support future workshops; for what they have witness from students excel in creation and presenting of projects.
In addition, Dr. Noora Jabor Al Thani, Director of Qatar University-Young Scientists Center, delivered a speech during the final event. She started her speech with thanking the participating students from the primary and preparatory schools, and thanking Qatar University students who participated in the summer program as mentors. She also expressed her gladness at the success of this summer program as she said, “It was a challenge to overcome the difficulties and obstacles experience while preparing and delivering a scientific hands on program online. It was not easy to attract students during their summer vacation and give them the opportunity to invest their free time in a beneficial, providing enjoyable scientific content through distance learning platforms. We have proven our success through the distinguished achievements of our student”. Dr. Noora also thanked Ras Laffan Community Outreach Program for their efforts in supporting students to continue their creativity journey and achieve Qatar’s vision in creating knowledge-based economy.


Source: Qatar University