14 Injured in Syrian Border Refugee Camp Bombing Admitted to Jordanian Clinic

Amman, Fourteen people, who were among dozens injured in a car bomb explosion that occurred Saturday at Al-Rukban Syrian refugee camp, were admitted to a Jordanian medical facility in the northeastern border region, Petra news agency quoted a Jordanian military source as saying.

The source said the blast took place in the camp inside Syrian territory in the remote arid region close to Jordan’s joint borders with Syria and Iraq, and that the injured were rushed to the Jordanian health centre, which serves Syrian refugees.

The source said no Jordanians were among the injured in the blast, which resulted from the detonation of a pickup truck, as no Jordanians were among the crews distributing food and medical aid to the refugees.

It said the injured were receiving treatment at the border clinic, but that a decision had not yet been taken to move them to Jordanian hospitals pending the evaluation of their condition.

Source: Qatar News Agency