1292% Growth of Digital Government Services

Qatar’s Digital Government has grown by 1292% since 2014 and has increased from 194 services in 2014 to 2,700 digital government services currently available to the public, enhancing customer experience, providing individuals and companies with wider access to government services and applications, improve government efficiency, and increase government transparency and openness.

The Ministry of Transport and Communications confirmed that Qatar Digital Government is working to improve the level of services provided to individuals and companies by offering them over the internet, raise the efficiency of government administrative processes and save expenses through the provision of a common government infrastructure. The Digital Government launched more than 40 government applications for smart phones that can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

The vision of the Government of Qatar is to support the Government’s efforts to achieve integration in all the services it provides in Qatar by activating and accelerating the digital transformation of all electronic services provided in line with both; the Qatar Digital Government Strategy 2020 and Qatar National Strategy 2030.

Source: Government of Qatar