11 injured in two separate bloody traffic accidents in Istanbul

ISTANBUL (CIHAN)- At least 11 people were injured in two separate traffic accidents on the day of presidential elections in Turkish economic hub city of Turkey. With the impact of the crashing the injured people were squeezed in the car were saved after long hours of rescue efforts.

First accident took place on the Maslak Buyukdere Street at Turkish Local 08:00(GMT 05:00) Driver of the car, which plate number 34 EJ 2949 lost steering control and crashed with a car, which plate number 34 ZM 7993 coming from the opposite direction. Along with Malik Kysu, driver of the automobile, five other people were injured in the accident. According the reports, which was given by the health officers that driver Kysu was in critical condition. The injured were taken to the nearby hospital and taken under treatment. It has been seen that empty beer bottles were in the car at the time of the accident. Cars turned to the scrap after the accident.

Another accident took place on Transit Europe Motorway (TEM) just near the junction around the Tekstilkent. Allegedly a car, which plate number 34 BH 7787 hit the safety fences after crashed with another car. With the impact of the crashing, two people, who were in the car at the time of the accident stranded out on the road and another two people were also squeezed in the car after the accident. The injured people were saved by the fire brigade and health officers. The injured Driver Tahir Ko and other injured people Nisanur Kartal, Furkan Kartal, Emine Kartal and Zubeyde Ko were taken to the nearby hospitals.
Soon after the accident TEM was closed to the traffic but opened a sometime later.