Ziyafat Asgarov: I feel sorry for NGOs, individuals who call for boycott of Baku-2015 first European Games

Baku: “Just like in the Eurovision song contest, these efforts too will end up in failure”

“We live in a time that there are – whether we like or not – some political and economical challenges with regard to the processes ongoing around the world. We must confess that. And the might of a state is that it should be ready for such challenges,” said Ziyafat Asgarov, First Vice-speaker of the Azerbaijani Parliament and Chairman of the parliament’s Security and Defense Committee, APA reported.

According to Asgarov, Azerbaijan is quite ready for these kinds of challenges.

“These challenges are likely to increase in numbers. Because there are countries – even within the European Union – that are undergoing economic downturn. On the other hand, there are ongoing wars in different regions. Some countries have perturbation within. As part of the international community, Azerbaijan too knows and understands what is happening around us. Of course, we are doing our own work as well, and trying to ready Azerbaijan for such challenges.” said Asgarov.

As for whether there is a need for some correction to the balanced foreign policy Azerbaijan has been pursuing, according to Asgarov, the foreign policy President Ilham Aliyev has pursued up until now has well proved itself.

“This policy relies on the people, behind this policy is the people’s support,” he stressed.

Asgarov touched upon the calls by some international NGOs to boycott the first European Games, stressing that he really feels sorry for NGOs and individuals who call for boycott of Baku-2015 first European Games.

“Because, the period of the calls for a boycott, smears and the calls aimed to discredit Azerbaijan, was already over. Those organizations and people made such attempts on the eve of the Eurovision song contest in Baku. What was the result? There cannot be any results. Because, the progress and development of Azerbaijan, either its political or humanitarian indicators, living conditions of our people and the unity of the people and the government are evident. In this case, those some international non-governmental organizations, certain groups in some countries and some agents among us made such attempts. Like in the Eurovision song contest, these attempts are also doomed to failure,” he noted.