zbek elected new chairman of illustrious Galatasaray club

Dursun Aydin andOzbek was elected the 36th chairman of the Galatasaray club at an extraordinary Galatasaray congress that was held at Galatasaray Lycee in Istanbul on Saturday night.
and”I sincerely thank everyone who followed this congress, and very many thanks to the members of the congress who cam and cast their votes,and” andOzbek said.
The sexagenarian andOzbek has replaced former boss, septuagenarian Duygun Yarsuvat, who had decided not to run for re-election. andOzbek garnered 2,800 of the 3,842 votes cast to score a landslide victory. Runner-up Turgay Kiran had only 534 votes, second runner-up Ahmet andOzDogan 442 and 66 votes were declared invalid.
andOzbekand’s executive board consists the following names: Cengiz andOzyalandcin, A. Nasuhi Sezgin, Eiref Alaandcayir, Canduneyt Tanman (a former Galatasaray captain), Can Topsakal, Fatih iibecer, Tayfun Demir, ismail Sarikaya, Ural Akanduzandum and Tarik Taiar. The reserve executive board is made up of Alper Narman, Murat Atay, Ali Yanduce, Burandcin Aslan and Selim Arda anduandcer.
andOzbek said he was very happy with current Galatasaray football coach Hamza Hamzaoilu and would like to continue with him.
He also pledged to rescue Galatasaray from its current debt quagmire. and”In two yearsand’ time, or even earlier, we will be out of this debt crisis. The problem at Galatasaray is disunity. And I say, Galatasaray need fear no evil from its multitudinous debts,and” he stated.
andOzbek also promised to maintain cordial relations with foe and friend alike.and”[Yarsuvat] had a stance and that was andlsquono quarrels, zero problems.and’ Rivalry yes, enmity no this is our philosophy. We will work together with everyone to address issues of mutual concern, but on the pitch there will always be rivalry,and” he added.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman