Young Ozan: I’m so frustrated by the way things are going

Bursaspor defender Ozan Tufan, at the center of transfer speculation, has finally exploded in an interview with local newspaper Bursa Hakimiyet.
and”There were promises made to me, but none of these pledges have been fulfilled. And I am so confused I can hardly practice. The club chairman has said that there are no offers from anywhere, but the agents say otherwise. Someone is wrong, but who?and” asked the 20-year-old Turkey international. and”And I am not distracted by transfer speculation, but by them [Bursaspor] having reneged on their promises. Maybe I donand’t meet the wishes and expectations of coach Ertuirul [Sailam]. But, frankly speaking, I want them to understand me,and” he continued.
h2Starving amid plentyh2 Ozan alluded to the fact that football players are so well paid that their parents do not have to work, but that his situation is the exact opposite of what it should be. and”My father is working and it hurts me. He gets up early in the morning and goes to work, and this makes me very sad. I want a better life for my family, and so does my father, therefore, he has to work. This means the peanuts I earn [at Bursaspor] are not even enough for me [let alone enough to take care of my family],and” Ozan noted. The Bursaspor player said he had explained his plight to Turkey coach Fatih Terim, who approved his playing overseas. and”Terim told me that in the last few weeks my tempo has dropped considerably and that I had also fallen short of expectations,and” Ozan said. The rising star then let the cat out of the bag. and”I told Terim that I have problems that need to be addressed, and he said he was optimistic that these problems could be solved. He then asked if I wanted to play abroad and I said yes,and” Ozan stated. and”Terim said that this would be the best decision, and I think he has spoken with my agents. Itand’s not only Terim — former national team players Alpay andOzalan, Hakan andunsal and Tandumer Metin all want me to seek new pastures abroad,and” Ozan said, adding that these former internationals had told him, and”There they will treat you as a man, then and there you will know you are a human being.and” and”I was enthused, but because I still have a contract with Bursaspor I have to wait. I feel fit and ready for any overseas transfer, but if I am going this season I want to join my new teamand’s training camp and taste their food,and” he stated jokingly. and”I talked to [Manchester Cityand’s Turkey international] Enes andunal, and he told me it was very difficult because training is very tough and necessary — and that I might fail to deliver if I join an overseas club at this point in time,and” Ozan added. For the record: andunal is an 18-year-old striker at Belgian club Genk, on loan from Manchester City. He scored during his Super League debut on Aug. 25, 2013 for Bursaspor against Galatasaray, making him the youngest player to hit the back of the net in Turkeyand’s topflight. An international at several youth levels, he earned his first senior cap on March 31 in a friendly against Luxembourg.