Yellow card for AK Party

The Justice and Development Party (AK Party) received the highest number of votes in the June 7 election, but the results were a defeat for them.
The pro-Kurdish Peoplesand’ Democratic Party (HDP) won 80 seats in Parliament, a striking result for the movement. The result is also attributed to the shift of religious Kurdish voters and secular-liberal segments from the AK Party to the HDP. The AK Party has committed grave mistakes for a while for this reason, the voters gave them a yellow card. The mistakes they have committed include the following:
1- The AK Party relied on a risky business by polarizing the people and provoking clashes between different social groups those who look at Iraq and Syria questioned what is going on.
2- The voters never endorsed President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who joined the political campaign as if he was a party leader, criticized others and turned the election campaign into a referendum for a presidential system the people did not endorse the replacement of parliamentary system by a presidential system.
3- The AK Party failed to raise hopes for improvement in the economy, and to address the income inequality problem they also took measures that benefitted the rich some conservative groups have become extremely rich in a very short time whereas large masses remained poor.
4- We have been witnessing cases of arrogance and indifference that embarrass a Muslim the AK Party figures look down upon the people they provoke the senses and emotions of the people.
5- Pro-AK Party journalists and aisers threaten some social groups in the name of the AK Party on a daily basis, argue that the properties of the opponents should be confiscated and further intimidate them, noting that there is more to be done.
6- There is not a single sign that there will be moves to address the mistakes in the Middle East this particularly bothers the religious people.
7- The bribery and corruption allegation which did not influence the local and presidential elections became influential in this election.
8- The conservative Kurdish voters responded to the murder of 34 people in Uludere, the official attitude vis-andagrave-vis Kobani in the north of Syria and the reluctance to make progress in the settlement process. They did not vote for the AK Party this time.
9- The election campaigns were not held under equal conditions. The money spent in the campaign bothered people. The other parties spent a smaller amount of money the downtowns of the cities were turned into a carnival site for the AK Party the AK Party supporters appeared everywhere to promote their partyand’s image. Even the state-run TRT favored the AK Party this caused a serious reaction.
10- The construction of the presidential palace provoked a reaction the Mercedes reserved for Chair of the Religious Affairs Directorate Mehmet GandOrmez also led to criticisms the people also reacted against the huge amount of spending in public institutions 17 million people who live under the poverty line considered this as something that they cannot endorse.
he 10 percent election threshold is a source of major injustice. Imagine that a political party was not represented in Parliament even if it received 3-4 million votes and the seats it won were assigned to another party. The AK Party could have won an absolute majority if the election threshold had been lowered to at least 5 percent.
But still, the AK Party, which won 258 seats, is the biggest party in Turkey. The people gave a yellow card to them in the June 7 election. But they will give a red one if they are unable to question their mistakes.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman