Yarat, Yay Gallery presents “Voice of the City” project

By: Nigar Orujova

Yay Gallery and YARAT Contemporary Art Organisation have announced ‘Voices of the City’ international public art project to support contemporary art in Azerbaijan.

This project is an open contest for an art project installation to be placed on a pedestal in front of Yay Gallery.

The gallery located in the heart of the Old City invites all interested artists, sculptors, architects and designers to participate in the contest.

The jury will consider sketches of sculptures, installations, large structures and street art projects, including layouts of public art objects created with luminous and other effects.

The theme of the contest is ‘Clashes between people’s inner world and modern global factors.’

Modern cities are extremely attractive places to live. Urban space has been transformed into the quintessence of modern living, or at least to some extent of this ideal. Based upon their interest, tastes and wishes, different urban classes strive to match their requirements with the arrangement of new cities.

Nowadays people find it difficult withstanding the increased urban noise levels. The constant sound of cars, never-ending repair works, many promotional events and unbearable car horns all combine together with other factors to test the limits of urban infrastructure and the integrity of public developments.

But there is always the other side of the coin. How does this unprecedented noise level affect our private spaces? Firmly shutting doors and windows, drawing the curtains and covering our ears are not seen as viable solutions.

Today’s big city residents are clearly failing to shelter from the constant urban noise. Yet physical space really should evoke a sense of comfort and harmony as well as an environmental cohesion between the people living there.

Application for this project is free and open to all.

To apply for the contest, candidates should visit www.yaygallery.com, download and fill in the relevant application form and submit it to info@yaygallery.com between the first of acceptance for applications and the scheduled deadline.

Each applicant can present no more than five art project proposals. For this contest only original art project proposals will be considered – they should be specifically designed for this contest, based on original concepts of the applicant (i.e. they must not duplicate or copy previous concepts) and must not previously have been exhibited, published, produced or sold.

Applicants are forbidden to submit video or audio material that violates the legislation of Azerbaijan, including material that injures citizens, ethnic minorities, religions and races and promotes violence, extremism, pornography, drug abuse, suicide, violence as well as all other illegal activities.

The submitted material, documents and art projects will not be returned to the applicants.

Only art objects tailored for an open-air 146 x 324 cm pedestal and resistant to environmental conditions will be considered.

Contest finalists will be awarded with certificates. The winning art project will be installed on the pedestal. The winners will also receive a cash prize.

The art project implementation will result in the final selection of the art object (sculpture) to be installed on the pedestal in front of Yay Gallery. All costs relating to the implementation of the winning art project will be covered.

The winner will be decided through the assessment of the technical and artistic properties of the submitted projects by the contest jury of prominent artists.