YAP members visit grave of national leader Heydar Aliyev

Members of the New Azerbaijan Party have today visited the Alley of Honors to lay a wreath at the tomb of national leader, founder and architect of modern Azerbaijani state Heydar Aliyev.

December 12 will mark the 12th anniversary of the death of the architect and founder of the independent Azerbaijan, world-renowned politician, national leader Heydar Aliyev.

They also put flowers at the grave of prominent ophthalmologist, academician Zarifa Aliyeva.

Being a charismatic leader with impressive grasp of politics and a person with a remarkable memory and ability to articulate a vision for the future of the Azerbaijani nation, Heyder Aliyev was an intelligent man with eyes on future. He could make his country important in the international political arena, gaining the sympathy for his country in the West and East.