Women walking pedestrian way hit by a car

KARABUK: Two women, who were hit by car while they are walking on the pedestrian way, were caught on tape in Northern Turkish province of Karabuk.

Reportedly the accident took place Yuzuncu Yil Neighborhood of Karabuk while a 78 AK 115 plate number car which was driven by Vural Sorgun hit 06 DG 9732 plate number car driven by Yunus Uluca when Uluca was about to turn and then hit two women while they walking on the pedestrian way and car was hanged the sustaining wall.

Women pedestrians Ummahan Ballioglu(56) and Hayrunnisa Vergun(64) and driver Uluca were taken to the hospital and taken under medical treatment at Karbuk Research and Training Hospital. Sorgun who didn’t get injuries after the accident surrendered to the police.

Car which was hanged the sustaining wall were removed at the scene. Accident was caught on tape by a security cam of a business.