Woman in Istanbul suffocated after argument with husband

ISTANBUL: A woman was reportedly suffocated on Wednesday by her husband in front of their 3-year-old child following an argument in Istanbul’s Esenler district.

The 35-year-old, Zehra Aydın, was killed by her husband, identified only by his initials S.A., because he accused his wife of cheating on him with another man. Following the murder, in order to prevent any smell from coming from it, the husband reportedly sprinkled naphthalene, a chemical found in mothballs, on his wife’s body.

In another incident of spousal violence, on Friday a man took his wife to a secluded wooded area where he beat her and bit her fingers so hard that the flesh came off, in Burdur’s Bucak district.

The 17-year-old wife, F.D., married her husband, 24-year-old K.D., nine months ago, but had recently took refuge at her parents’ house due to marital problems she was experiencing. On Friday she returned to her husband’s home, which he shared with his parents, to rectify their differences. Upon her return, K.D. forced her into a vehicle and began to drive.

According to news reports, when F.D. asked where they were headed, he responded that they were going hunting and showed her the hunting rifle in the vehicle.

When they arrived at a forested area, K.D. forced his young wife out of the car and began shooting wildly. The husband then allegedly began beating his wife over the head and on her body. He then bit her fingers, ripping her flesh.

A truck driver heard the young woman’s screaming and came to the scene to intervene, but K.D. said, “This is a family matter.” After the truck driver saw the hunting rifle in the hand of the perpetrator, he left the scene and went to a gendarmerie point not far from the scene and explained what had happened. Police and gendarmerie teams were dispatched to the scene.

F.D. was taken to the Bucak State Hospital and K.D. was taken by the police to give his testimony, but was then released for “not putting the victim’s life in danger.”

According to a news report by the Hurriyet daily, the parents of the young woman stated: “After the incident, we could not even recognize our daughter. Her face and her eyes are completely covered in bruises. She cannot even talk because she was strangled, and because of this we have to feed her with a teaspoon. Her fingers are in a disastrous state.”

They also stated that they believe that had the truck driver not come, their daughter would have died.