Woman found as shivered is believed to have been killed by stray dogs

ESKISEHIR: Acting on a tip off, security officers found a death body of a woman who allegedly bitten and dismantled to death by stray dogs in central Turkish province of Eskisehir. According to the police officers, the woman, who is known as animal lover by his neighborhood, is believed to have been killed by his stray dogs which were frequently fed by him.

Reportedly a man, who work as security officer of a residence complex has realized that five or six dogs are pulling the pieces of a woman body in a vacant area near the complex. As soon as he realized the terrible scene he informed the security officers who immediately arrived at the scene and has been launched an investigation to determine the exact cause of the incident.

During the first inspection, victim has been identified as Erinc Putun, 35, who is probably to have been killed by the stray dogs which had been feeding by the Putun periodically.

According to the residents that Putun was frequently visiting the stray dogs to feed them. It is also determined that the Putun is the daughter of Brain Surgeon Op. Dr Reyhan Putun and Ophthalmologist Opr. Dr. Serpil Putun.

Erinc Putun’s death body was taken to the Osmangazi Universty Morgue to autopsy.