Woman flies out meters away after being hit a car

A woman was crossing the other side of the road, flight out meters away after being hit by a car. Terrible event, took place in northern Turkish province of Zonguldak’s Eregli district, was caught on tape. In the video is seen that the unfortunate woman flying out meters soon after being hit by automobile.

Incident took place at Cevizler Junction located on Eregli-Kepez Motorway. Reportedly,a car with 67 SE 996 plate number driven by Mustafa K,35, crashed a woman, who was just crossing the road at the time of the incident, while he was on moving to Carsi from Kepez. Unfortunate Hanife Dunuk, 41, flight out meters away with the impact of the crashing.

Woman was given first medical intervention at the scene by medics and then taken to the Eregli State Hospital. Reportedly, Dunuk, who was taken under treatment in the emergency department of the hospital, has bone fractures in many parts of his body. Driver Mustafa K. was transferred to the police station for further questioning.


As the Hanife Durak being hit by automobile, this unfortunate accident was recorded by security cams at the Cevizler Neighborhood. In the video, is seen that Dunuk flying meters away with the impact of being crashed. In the same video, it is also seen that woman hitting the ground at a great pace.