Without serious PR strategy, brand advertising campaign yield adverse effect, says APA Holding head

Baku: Today, the social media is the main trend in the world. People feel internet media closer to themselves, said Vusala Mahirgizi, head of APA Holding.

She made the remarks on Friday during the 3rd Regional Internet Governance Forum (RIGFAZ-2015) titled “Creating Regional Development Environment of ICT Innovations” at ADA University.

According to her, though e-media is more popular now, the importance of online media is gradually increasing. “Speaking of the media, people feel online media closer to themselves. Because there is a serious psychological point: online media allows everyone to participate in this field,” said Mahirgizi.

In order to appear in the television or printed media there is a need for a mediator or a journalist, but each of you through social networks can be a journalist and even an expert in the online media, said the APA Holding head. “At the same time, modern technology makes the online media closer to us.”

Mahirgizi noted that people prefer to read news in the online media because they believe it is more reliable and operative.

Talking about the role of online media in the business activity, Mahirgizi noted that the amount of funds allocated to advertising is currently insufficient. “Online media in Azerbaijan could become a business area and began to compete with TV channels in this sphere while the online media is at a disadvantage in this competition.”

Mahirgizi went on to add that the online media is already attractive for businessmen in Azerbaijan.

At present, social networks are widely being used for advertising in Azerbaijan, according to the company head. “I do not think it is quite satisfactory. But in general, social networks are currently being used to promote the brand and attract customers. Facebook leads in this area in Azerbaijan. Youtube, google, twitter and instagram are also used, but not extensively.”

The observations conducted suggest episodic advertisement carried out in social networks is not based on a serious and coherent PR strategy. “We can see one or two companies managed to carry out a serious and coherent PR strategy in social networks, the rest all just limited to advertising or presenting their products.”

In the absence of a serious PR strategy, companies are unable to overcome black PR and brand advertising campaign yields an adverse effect, Mahirgizi added. “It is necessary to prepare a phased plan and ensure transparence while conducting a PR campaign in social networks or online media. Because the platform on which the PR campaign is conducted is available for product users and competitors,” she completed.