With plots wrapped up, where will ‘Pitch Perfect 3’ and ‘Maleficent 2’ go next?

Well, this is turning out to be a big week for sequel news. Not only are Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson returning for and”Pitch Perfect 3,and” which will come out sometime in 2017, but Disney has commissioned a sequel to and”Maleficentand” from screenwriter Linda Woolverton.
Kendrick confirmed the news with an Instagram post Monday. We will refrain from moaning about how sequels are cynical and often creatively-bankrupt cash grabs, and instead try to look at this news critically.
Itand’s great news for Kendrick and Wilson and certainly reinforces their credibility as major box-office draws. In fact, both and”PP2and” — which beat out and”Mad Max: Fury Roadand” in its opening weekend — and and”Maleficentand” serve as high-profile examples that women-led films are more than capable of crushing ticket sales. and”Maleficentand” pulled in nearly $760 million worldwide.
But sequels, as usual, are also where we encounter tricky territory. Are the Barden Bellas comprised solely of undergraduates? Kendrick will be 31 by the time and”Pitch Perfect 3and” comes out on July 21, 2017, and Wilson will be 37. Would it be so awful if they played harried graduate students in their return? And if the first movie was focused on a national championship and the second had the a capella group trained on a world title, what exactly comes next? Do they turn pro? Is that a thing? (Yes, itand’s a thing. We just checked.)
Angelina Jolie built a career playing a series of mystery-solving, aenturesome, butt-kicking women, but sheand’s pretty cautious about returning to the same well too much. Jolie did reprise her role as Lara Croft in a and”Tomb Raiderand” sequel and returned for both follow-ups to and”Kung Fu Panda.and” But even though she developed sequels for and”Saltand” and and”Wanted,and” the chances of her acting in either are tiny.
Still, Deadline reports that Disney is proceeding with a script in hopes of wooing Jolie back for another turn as the flying, fire-breathing sorceress (even though she and Aurora actually live happily ever after in their LSD dreamscape of paradise). Maybe sheand’s holding out to see whether her directorial and star turn in and”By the Seaand” is a dud and sheand’ll need a big announcement to distract from it.
As for the plot, maybe Maleficent will decide that Aurora needs to be less of a goody two-shoes and teach her how to cast vengeful spells of her own. Who knows? (c) The Washington Post 2015

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman